Indian milking, pitstop, turn & caress massage

This routine of 3 baby massage strokes is designed to soothe and relax little arms and hands. It will make baby feel wonderful and offers a great way for baby to let go of any physical tension.

Even the most laid-back babies can get fretful when tired, hungry or in unfamiliar surroundings. Use this very helpful routine in your baby massage and baby yoga repertoire. 

Indian Milking, Pitstop, Turn & Caress massages:

Softly talk to your baby throughout this routine, explaining what you’re doing and encouraging them to release any tension in their upper body.

  • For these exercises, sit loosely cross-legged on your yoga mat or rug, with your baby lying in front of you.
  • Begin by asking baby’s permission to start. Then chant “Om” 3 times.
  • Start on baby’s left side and then repeat all the strokes to baby’s right side.
  • With hand and arm strokes it’s best to position your baby side-on so their left arm is nearest to you.


  • Drop a little oil into your palms and rub together.
  • Hold baby’s hand in yours.
  • Use your other hand to make scooping strokes from the waist to the armpit.
  • Repeat several times.

Indian Milking:

  • Make a ‘C’ shape of both hands by touching your index finger to your thumb.
  • Stroke down baby’s left arm, starting from the shoulder down towards the wrist.

Turn & Caress:

  • Put some extra oil on your palms.
  • Place your hands together, the index finger of one hand touching the little finger of the other hand.
  • Gently and firmly move forward and back from baby’s shoulder to wrist, making sure your elbows are moving away from and then towards your body.
    • Remember to chat to your baby while you do this stroke. Check their body language for cues so you know they’re enjoying the massage.
  • Turn baby around so the right arm is nearest to you.
  • Repeat these massages strokes to baby’s right side, beginning with Pitstop, then Indian Milking, and lastly Turn & Caress.
  • Finish by taking your baby’s arm and whispering soothing words to help him or her release any tension.

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